How is Primal 7 different than TRX?

While visually there are some similarities between Primal 7 and other traditional suspension trainers, our equipment functions very differently from other products on the market. The number one question we get is, how is Primal 7 different from TRX! 

Simply put, Primal 7 is a more versatile, more natural form of suspension training than the TRX Suspension Trainer. The addition of interchangeable bands unloads a portion of the user’s bodyweight, making advanced exercises more accessible to everyone, at the same time forcing proper alignment through the body to correct any compensatory habits and prevent injury.  

Primal 7 delivers corrective exercise, enhances plyometrics, and provides more dynamic and natural movements. For those that need it, the band can offer support for functional training, mobility work, enhanced movement for beginners, and rehabilitation. For those that don't, the band offers hands-free training for sprint work, jump work, and incorporating other tools. The result is a safer, funner workout for virtually every body type.

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