What's the difference between the bundles?

Each of our Primal 7 bundles is designed to include a few more accessories than the last as you go up in price point. If you look at the main page on our  shop, you will see a side-by-side comparison of our bundle offerings (the add-ons are highlighted in bold lettering).

The  Primal 7 Home bundle is our leanest offering – designed to deliver the bare essentials to our home users at an affordable price. As such it only includes one band (you can choose between the P1 for users up to 175 lbs, the P2 band for users up to 275 lbs and the P3 for users up to 400 lbs) and no Bar Attachments.

The  Primal 7 Pro – our most popular model for movement professionals - includes everything from the Home bundle PLUS the Bar Attachments (for hanging your Primal 7 from a pull-up bar or other stable bar structure), and two performance bands (P1 + P2 Bands).

The  Primal 7 Plus includes everything from the Pro bundle PLUS the P3 band (our strongest, most supportive band) and our Basic 7 Visual Reference poster. And finally, the Primal 7 Station includes everything from the Plus bundle with the addition of a 52" Rogue Wall Mounted Pull-Up bar perfect for setting up a single person station in your home or small business.

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