How do I use Primal 7 on a door?

Hanging your Primal 7 on a door is a great way to have access to your system if you’re travelling, or want to use the unit at home. To get started, make sure the Performance Band is not attached, since the extra weight will make it difficult to get the anchors over the door. 

Next, grab both Door Anchors and slide them over the top of the door. Then close the door - it should be closed by pulling towards you to safeguard against the door accidentally opening while exercising. Make sure the door is fully closed and locked, and pull on the straps to test them.

Finally, spread the anchors apart to approximately shoulder width and attach the appropriate Band. If you’re not going to be using the Rings, be sure to use the ring loop to hang them on the Nine Hooks to prevent them from hitting the door. (For instructions on how to hang the Rings up, check out " How Do I Get the Rings Out of the Way?")

Here's a video that illustrates hanging your Primal 7 over a door:

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