How do I get the rings out of the way?

If there's ever a time when you feel the Rings are interfering with your movements, such as during ballistic or plyometric training, you can easily hang them up to get them out of the way. First, locate the ring loop just above the Ring. Next, slide the ring loop over the Nine Hook. Voila! The Rings are out of the way.

Now you can do high intensity movements such as running or jumping without the Rings swinging and getting in your way. Once they're up on the Nine Hooks, they should not fall down. If you find your rings are falling down, make sure your straps are configured so that the open ends of the Nine Hooks are facing in towards each other. If you're still having trouble, simply shoot us an email at and someone from our support team will happily troubleshoot with you!

Important Note: While it may be tempting to do pull-ups or rows from the rings while they're hanging on the Nine Hooks, it is important to note that the Nine Hooks are NOT weight bearing and will potentially bend out of shape if you put too much weight on them.

Here's a video that shows you how to hang up the rings:

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