What if the band is pulling me forward?

If you feel like the band is pulling you forward during your exercise, there are a few things you can do to correct the problem. First, make sure you’re starting your movement with the band at the correct height. Unless you're doing a movement that requires you to be directly under the anchor points, most of the exercises you do on Primal 7 will start with the band on the ground. The higher the band is, the more it will pull you towards the anchor points.

Next, check your feet positioning. If your trunk is too far forward, you may need to move your feet forward to find a more comfortable position. Conversely, if your trunk is leaning too far back, you may need to move your feet back to find proper alignment.

Remember, when standing in Primal 7, your body should always be at a slight lean so that your weight is in the band and the unit is properly supporting you.

Here's a video that illustrates these adjustments:

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