What is the difference in the band options?

Each of our bands is a different thickness, and therefore offers varying amounts of support (or resistance) depending on the user’s weight and the movement being performed. The bands go up in support starting with our P1 band, which is our thinnest band recommended for users up to 175 lbs in weight. Next, our P2 band is slightly thicker and thus offers a little more support - it is recommended for users up to 275 lbs. Finally, our P3 band is our thickest band, offering the maximum amount of support, and is is recommend for users up to 400 lbs.

That being said, there are some instances where someone who weighs more than the recommended weight may choose to use that particular band - ultimately, these are weight guidelines, NOT restrictions. Someone who weighs more than 175lbs may find that the P2 band is offering them too much support and so they opt to use the P1 band because it gives them the right amount of stretch. Also, as you get stronger and progress through your exercises, you may find that the band you used in the beginning now makes the exercises too easy, at which point you should go down a level in order to get the full benefit of the movement.

The following video explains a little more about band selection and will further help explain the difference between our performance bands:

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